No Llama Drama

Ally is a huge llama fan and on Black Friday I found a great deal on flannel fabric with llamas on it on Joann Fabric’s website. I bought it, and to justify the shipping charges also bought some Star Wars fleece for DH, and I threw in a random sewing themed flannel for me.

Holiday PJ’s for everyone!! 

4 days later JF decided to inform me that they were cancelling DH’s Star Wars fabric.  Okay….

Holiday PJ’s for Me & Ally!!

3 days after that, a full WEEK after placing my order, JF emails me to say they are now cancelling the llama fabric.  WTF?  Really.  Its 2016.  Inventory management is not rocket science.  Its subtraction.

Screw holiday pjs…I’ll make mine whenever.

Not deterred – ok – after a long bought of swearing later – I found some knit llama fabric at and ordered that. for the win for NOT cancelling my order.  But hey! I have made my very first Patterns for Pirates Relaxed Fit Raglan.  The fit is looking definitely big, though.  Its a 1xl, but its looking like it will fit me.  Oh well.  She lives in leggings, so at the very least it will cover her booty.  Still needs to be hemmed.

Oh and DH “bought” me a serger for my birthday (I TURN 40 TOMORROW PEOPLE!!  I say as if I’m not talking to myself)  I saw it go on sale and informed him that he was buying it.  I learned how to use it while sewing this shirt.  YAY me!

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