Embroidery 101: Stitch and Quilt Along – Cutting

Phew – I suddenly remember why I choose sewing clothes over quilting. I’m not a fan of taking a gigantic rectangle of fabric, cutting in to a bazillion smaller pieces, just to sew it all back together! LOL

I pushed through though. Tomorrow I’m going have to try and bang out piecing everything. Its suppose to get H-O-T here by Thursday (97+) and we stole the AC that normally goes in my sewing room for our bedroom. If I don’t get it pieced tomorrow it might have to get put on hold for a while (at least until the weekend when I can try and get a new unit for this room).

I had 1 major issue cutting the fat quarters…Apparently JoAnn’s fat quarters aren’t very generous. Or hey, even 18″, but who’s measuring? Oh, right – me! I needed 18 USABLE inches out of each fat quarter. NOT HAPPENING with the ones I bought. Case in point:

fabric looks really wrinkled but pinkie swear it is flat on the cutting table

If you notice – the fabric does not make 18″ and this wasn’t even the worst of the lot, just a general idea of what all of them were like. Once I got it on grain (were the people drinking when they cut these?!!) I was left with maybe 17.5″ of usable fabric – so it was 2 fat quarters per print for me!!

Well without further ado – here’s the fabric cut into pieces.

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